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An Unforgettable Holiday Experience at the Mykonos Kosmoplaz

An Unforgettable Holiday Experience at the Mykonos Kosmoplaz

When looking for the perfect summer holiday, the island of Mykonos is a choice that truly stands out; the perfect climate, the vivacious beach life and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Mykonos make it a destination that once you’ve been there, you’ll never want to go anywhere else!


Finding the destination of your dreams is one thing; finding the perfect accommodation facility is what makes all the difference! And when choosing Mykonos as your destination, there is one accommodation facility that truly makes the difference; on the most cosmopolitan beach of the island, the luxurious Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel is ready to offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.


Situated right at the heart of Platys Gialos Beach, with gorgeous, elegantly furnished rooms and suites overlooking the vibrant beach or the calmer swimming pool area, with amazing facilities and impeccable services, the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel is your newfound home away from home, where all the comfort and lavishness blend to create the unforgettable Mykonos Kosmoplaz holiday experience, an ode to the good life right by the beach.


Imagine waking up in a cozy room after a good night’s sleep, then heading to the beach, just a few steps away. The sun is hot, the sea is refreshingly cool and the day promises the time of your life! At the private part of the beach you’ll find loungers reserved for the Mykonos Kosmoplaz guests, whereas in the beach bar, refreshing beverages and delightful tastes fill your day at the beach in the most delicious way! Spend even more thrilling moments in the delightful swimming pool area, the Jacuzzi, or the fitness room, whereas for mouthwatering dishes and exquisite drinks from all around the world, the Eclipse Seaside Restaurant on the rooftop of the Mykonos Kosmoplaz is the gastronomic focal point of Platys Gialos. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience at the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel; book directly online now at https://kosmoplazbeachresort.reserve-online.net

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