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Love Every Moment: The Summer 2017 News from Mykonos Island

Love Every Moment: The Summer 2017 News from Mykonos Island

Summer 2017 is finally here, and some pretty exciting things are happening on Mykonos Island and the cosmopolitan Platys Gialos Beach! This year, we are going to love every moment! The summer 2017 news from Mykonos Island has us all smiling in eager anticipation, for all the fun we are about to enjoy, all the delicious tastes, the mouth-watering cocktails and the splendid, unforgettable Mykonos moments!


This summer, we are welcoming two superb additions to the beach scape of Platys Gialos; one, the chic DK Oyster Beach Restaurant and Bar, a luxurious all-day venue where you will indulge in everything that says “good life”. Seafood, oysters, crab and caviar together with the finest French champagne and premium vodka, in an enchanting seaside scenery of lavish extravagance and ample elegance. From breakfast to dinner, DK Oyster is the destination that defines the island’s gastronomy, and it is bound to become your favorite part of Mykonos, your venue of choice for all your special celebrations and private events or parties, the place where you will love every moment!


Secondly, the Eclipse Seaside Restaurant is the roof-top sensation that will take the beach of Platys Gialos by storm this summer 2017; a gastronomic destination created for your ultimate pleasure, the delight that only comes with excellent food, great drinks and a spectacular view to the sea that relaxes and inspires. Located on the roof top of the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, the Eclipse Seaside Restaurant will complement your holiday on the gorgeous beach of Platys Gialos in the most luxurious and tasty way!


Make sure to check in frequently in order to stay in touch with upcoming events and more news from Mykonos Island that will help you plan the most exhilarating Mykonos holiday in summer 2017. For more on the  and its superb four-star accommodation visit www.mykonoskosmoplazhotel.gr

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