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What to do in Platys Gialos and Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort!

What to do in Platys Gialos and Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort!

Platys Gialos in Mykonos

Platys Gialos is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mykonos; lacy, golden sands and crystal clear waters combined with modern facilities for an amazing take on comfortable and fun holidays by the beach. Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, situated right on the beach of beach of Platys Gialos has plenty to offer in order to keep your days full with relaxation and entertainment, the true meaning of summer holidays. Let’s take a look at the facilities of Mykonos Kosmoplaz to see what to do in Platys Gialos in Mykonos.

For starters, there are the obvious: swimming at the cool blue waters of the sea and sunbathing in the lush loungers, right where the waves touch the sand. There is nothing more gratifying than the warm feeling of total relaxation with the sound of the waves splashing in the background and the refreshing breeze cooling you in the heat of the summer. There is no need to move from your little haven under your umbrella; the beach bar serves its refreshing cocktails or anything else you may need right at your lounger! You can also relax by the swimming pool, or enjoy an energizing session at our outdoor Jacuzzi.

Don’t neglect your fitness regime just because you’re on holidays; work out in our fully equipped gym or, if you are feeling more adventurous, try your skills in some of the most exhilarating water sports at the Water Sport Center just a few meters down the beach. After working out an appetite, treat your palate with Greek and Mediterranean or Italian specialties in one of the two restaurants right in front of the hotel.

Your evenings are guaranteed to be fun at one of the daily events and parties by Mykonos Kosmoplaz or Yefsi restaurant. Learn how to dance like a true Greek and have the time of your life, right here on the beach of Platys Gialos; there are many things to do at Platys Gialos in Mykonos, come and try them all! For more information and reservations at the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort, go to https://kosmoplazbeachresort.reserve-online.net/

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