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Shopping in Mykonos: a 2017 Update!

Shopping in Mykonos: a 2017 Update!

Mykonos Island; perhaps the most cosmopolitan destination in the entire Mediterranean. This tiny island in the middle of the Aegean Sea has transformed from a humble fishing island into a destination for the rich and famous, for those who love style, beauty and fun. In other words, Mykonos is for those in love with life!


This exuberant island has everything; chic venues, gourmet restaurants, an inimitable party scene and exquisite accommodation establishments, such as the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, at the seafront of Platys Gialos Beach. And such an island could only be a haven for the world’s highest fashion, for international trends to emerge and for haute couture to find its forever home.


You can imagine that shopping in Mykonos goes beyond your average shopping sprees; shopping in Mykonos is a true experience in fashion and style, a chic adventure in the crème de la crème of the world’s hottest designers and the modern fashion scene of Greece, that finds its truest expression in the white and blue glory of Mykonos.


The Chora of Mykonos is a fashion destination on its own; every major fashion designer from Greece and the world is represented here, in chic boutiques that may seem minimal – just as the Cyclades are, but they harbor in their grounds the essence of international beauty and style. Mykonos and fashion are intertwined, and of course, there could be no better place for you to indulge to all your fashionable dreams than Mykonos!


If you are looking forward for your very own, personal shopping experience in Mykonos, the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel can assist you in your venture. From suggesting the venues you would love according to your personal style, to helping you get there, or even better, organizing a shopping spree for you in Mykonos with private transfers and VIP services, the Mykonos Kosmoplaz shopping experience will be the highlight of your holiday!


Join us and indulge in a shopping experience in Mykonos like no other! www.mykonoskosmoplazhotel.gr

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