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Top 5 Secluded Beaches of Mykonos

Top 5 Secluded Beaches of Mykonos

Even though Platys Gialos is by far one the best beaches of Mykonos Island, and without a doubt the most popular one, there might come a day when you wish for a more secluded beach, a spot where you can feel like you are alone by the seaside or even indulge in the Mykonos’ favorite skinny-dipping. For those days, here is the Top-5 secluded beaches of Mykonos, brought to you by your favourite hotel, the fabulous Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, on Platys Gialos beach.


Starting from Fokos beach, on the northern part Mykonos, where you will find a sandy corner with crystal clear waters surrounded by majestic rocks. Few visit this beach, so if you are looking for calmness you will surely find it here.


Ftelia on the east is a heavenly cove with a bohemian-chic vibe that attracts extreme sport lovers on the windy days, but when the wind is not blowing then the beach transforms into a haven of tranquility.


Agios Sostis beach is yet another unspoiled coast ideal for intimate moments; its colours are just magnificent, making it perhaps among the island’s most beautiful beaches. If you can’t compromise without at least some facilities on your beach day, then Agrari beach is the one for you. Some selected conveniences yet calmness and comfort at their beachy best!


But the finest beach of them all is undoubtedly Kapari. On the western side of the island, Kapari is hard to reach but definitely worth it. Here, in a tiny gulf sprinkled with velvety golden sands you will enjoy a breathtaking sunset with the island of Delos in the horizon, so bring the best company with you to share the experience.


And remember, after a day of privacy and calmness under the sun in any of the Top-5 secluded beaches of Mykonos, the best place to come back to is the superb Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, where you will enjoy luxury and comfort, VIP services and the invigorating vibe of Platys Gialos beach! Book your room or suite now at https://kosmoplazbeachresort.reserve-online.net

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