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Water Sports at the Beach of Platys Gialos

Water Sports at the Beach of Platys Gialos

When you think of Mykonos, the first beach that comes to mind is, of course, the notorious beach of Platys Gialos. This cosmopolitan beach is the center of the island’s beach life, featuring a vibrant nightlife and everything you could ever dream of; an inviting sandy beach with every modern amenity, crystal clear waters and an abundance of beach bars, cafés and shops. Such a beach could not be without the most modern water sports, and in fact, Platys Gialos is the top destination in Mykonos for exhilarating water sports.


Imagine the most exciting water sports available; in Platys Gialos you are sure to find them! From the most common ones such as the classic banana or the extreme tube rides, to the more physically demanding wake boards, kite surfing, windsurfing and waterskiing or to the latest trends such as Jet Skis, parasailing and the exhilarating hover boards, pick the one that intrigues you the most and try them all!


All over the beach of Platys Gialos you will find water sports centers where expert certified instructors will guide you through thrilling activities that will get your adrenaline pumping and the azure waters splashing all over the coast! In order to commemorate every sensational moment of your adventures, there are professional photographers available that can capture all your fun hours and create an incredible and unique souvenir of your exciting Mykonos holidays!


For additional information on the types of watersports available, schedules, suggestions or photographer reservations, please don’t hesitate to address the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel and Resort concierge, who would be more than glad to assist you to your aquatic exploits on the blood-tingling beach of Platys Gialos. For more on the accommodation and services provided by the luxurious Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel and Resort, visit www.mykonoskosmoplazhotel.gr

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